Monday, June 7, 2010

Tidy at Last and Ready for New Creations

Well, this weekend was very productive.  I rearranged inventoried and organized my studio, it was a BIG job to say the least.  Now it is done.  My Batik creating area and light table.  Picture idea file underneath.

 Sitting on the work table are two cat Quilts for some of my favorite furry friends.  The binding on the edges needs to be done for them to be complete.  Quilt fabrics are stashed behind the quilt in drawers.

 Cat Quilts.  They are made from cut off parts of another quilt.  Perfect for kitty's favorite spot on the bed or window sill.

Quilting Supplies were checked and reorganized as were Batiking, watercolor and fabric painting.
I look forward to starting something new soon.
Here is a peek at the New Improved Setting.  Resources waiting to be turned into creative masterpieces!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hallway Holding Place..

The hallway was full!  Everything I did not want in The Annie Vance Art Studio was relagated to the hallway during the overhaul of the space.  It made a great holding area, especially since it all had to be moved by the end of the weekend....   Thank goodness for Dale's paper boxes and garage space.

This was all that was left to find a new home for.  Next Week's Mission!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Studio Re Organization Day

Annie Vance's Art has been hibernating for a while.

She has decided to start creating again.

Her favorite mediums are: Pen and Ink with Watercolor and Batik on Silk.

A couple samples of her work will soon be on display here...

A New Studio is to be created as the workplace for the newest inspirations.

My task this first Saturday in June is to revamp my studio space...

Here are the Before Reorganization Photos!

This is a creative project of its own.

Everything I really need to be productive is there, however order vs cahos is the foundation on which I am more creative.

Do you find yourself needing to tidy and have things in order before you apply time to your creative projects?

I think it is a gal thing to get the must do jobs done before I can have some fun for myself.

What do you think? Let me know.

Do I dare be so revealing, what the heck!

Hopefully this will be inspiration for you to get in there and straiten up your area for some Summer Creativity.

So Much Stuff to use, find a place for..

Quilting, Batiking, Watercolors...



Musci and lectures to work by...

Idea books....

What music inspires you while you create?

For me it is the rythm of the Caribbean tunes...
My Islands in the Sun!